Our Rheumatology Practice

Our Rheumatology Practice

San Mateo Rheumatology (SMR) was started as a solo Rheumatology practice by Dr. Stevens in March 1992. Our intent has always been to provide high quality Rheumatology care for all patients referred to our office for consultation. We do not provide Primary Care services as almost all our patients are referred by their Primary Care physician or other doctors.

In fact, over the past 27 years, we have seen patients referred to us from Primary Care and virtually all specialty areas of Medicine. This includes referrals from private physicians in the community to patients referred from UCSF, Stanford and occasional patients from Kaiser seeking second opinions. We have patients locally as well as some who fly in from out of State.

At the end of 2017, Dr. Stevens brought Dr. Gescuk on-board to help with the growing patient load. He has quickly developed a following of patients in our office while working simultaneously at the San Mateo County Medical Center as Chief of Medical Staff and Head of their Rheumatology department. Dr. Stevens has known Dr. Gescuk since he was a Rheumatology Fellow at UCSF and we are pleased to have Dr. Gescuk on our team.

Importantly, our front-office staff has been instrumental in the successful day-to-day operations of our practice. We could not be as successful without them as I’m sure you’ll appreciate should we have the privilege of providing your Rheumatology care.

In addition to our Rheumatology Office practice, SMR started infusing patients with Biologic agents as soon as these treatments became available for Autoimmune diseases in 1999. We have a dedicated Infusion Clinic that is staffed by nurses who are ICU/CCU trained as well as doctors available for additional support.

Together, with our Rheumatology Office and Infusion Clinic, we have remained on the cutting-edge of treatments for Rheumatic disorders over the past 20 years.

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